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JD / MS Finance

What is JD / MS?

JD/MS is a program set up to allow a student to obtain both a Master's in Finance from the E.J. Ourso College of Business and
Juris Doctor/Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center. The program is designed to allow students to complete both degrees in less time than if the two degrees were obtained independently outside the program.

Why a joint JD/MS Program?

Now that the legal world and the business world have grown to be more connected it is more relevant than ever to obtain the joint degree. The JD/MS program provides you with a solid education grounded in law and finance; both schools feel that granting concurrent credit will provide greater employment opportunities. With LSU already being a unique school, in that it is the only law school of its kind in the United States, adding an MS in Finance opens up career doors with international financial markets in places like Germany and Brazil.


How does the program work?

Those entering the program in the fall would pursue law first and complete the first year of law school (Fall and Spring) before completing the first semester of the business school's MS Finance Program (Fall). Those entering in the spring would pursue MS Finance first and complete the first semester of the program (Spring) before completing the first year of law school (Fall and Spring). Students follow a combined curriculum of law and business school courses upon completion of the first year of the law school and first semester of MS Finance Program.

Students earn 12 hours of credit toward the JD for courses completed in the MS Finance program and 18 hours of credit toward the MS for courses completed in the law school. The course credit is also counted toward the degree (JD or MS) from the institution in which the courses were taken.

Course Hours

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