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< October, 2015 >
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  Economics Research Seminar~2051~
  NABA Study Night~2046~
  Professional Sales Institute Kickoff~1949~
  NABA Professional Meeting~1972~
  Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter Meeting~1981~
  Fall Faculty and Staff Meeting~2076~
  Spring Awards Ceremony~2083~
  CFP Networking Night~2055~
  SFA Meeting~2062~
  CFP Advisory Board Meeting~2077~
  Riley Etheridge Symposium~2075~
  Economics Research Seminar~2014~
  Chat with the Dean~2064~
  NABA Study Night~1963~
  AITP Meeting~2088~
  Econ ITF Club Meeting~2101~
  CEO Meeting~2099~
  LCPA Table Sit~2087~
  Becker CPA Exam Review Table Sit~2063~
  NABA Professional Meeting~1993~
  Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter Meeting~1982~
  ISDS student Personal Branding Training~2074~
  Student Financial Planning Association Meeting~2003~
  Economics Research Seminar~2049~
  International Business Seminars Table Sit~2105~
  NABA Study Night~1964~
  AITP Meeting~2089~
  International Business Seminars Table Sit~2106~
  Flores MBA Program Online Info Session~2060~
  Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter Meeting ~1983~
  LSUCIA Alumni Conference~1875~
  Center for Internal Auditing Alumni Conference~2018~
  Opportune Table Sit~2103~
  Flores MBA Program Info Session~1944~
  LSUCIA Alumni Conference~1875~
  Center for Internal Auditing Alumni Conference~2018~
  Alumni Tailgate~1905~
  Flu Shots on the Geaux~2044~
  NABA Study Night~1965~
  PAISA speaker Commission of Higher Education Joseph C Rallo PhD~2102~
  AITP Meeting~2090~
  Gallagher Table Sit~2006~
  NABA Professional Meeting~1994~
  Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter Meeting~1984~
  Gallagher Table Sit~2007~
  Student Financial Planning Association Meeting~2004~
  LSU Top 100 Business Breakfast~1906~
  Economics Research Seminar~2041~
  NABA Study Night~1966~
  AITP Meeting~2091~
  Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter Meeting~1985~
  Fall Break~1907~
  HSRG Users Conference~2078~
  Flores MBAAA Happy Hour~2100~
  SCSUG Conference Social~2079~
  Fall Break~1907~
  2015 SCSUG Educational Forum~2038~
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