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A-Z Contacts

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Accounting DepartmentJulie Van Scotter225-578-6228
Accounting InternshipsJulie C. Chenier225-578-9056
Accounting MS AdvisorJacquelyn Sue Moffitt225-578-6219
Accounting PhD AdvisorKen Reichelt225-578-6233
Accounting Undergraduate AdvisorLaura D. Wiley225-578-6227
Advancement OfficeKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Advisor (Undergraduate)Mary Kay Tessier225-578-3211
Advisor (Undergraduate)Melanie Buchmann225-578-3211
AITP (Association of Information Technology)Carolyn B. Borne225-578-2505
Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)Lydia M. Lafleur225-578-9057
Alumni & External RelationsWendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
Alumni RelationsWendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
Annual GivingNorisha R. Kirts225-578-5866
Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)Carolyn B. Borne225-578-2505
Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)Joey Legoria225-578-6225
BrochuresJosh Duplechain225-578-7833
Building CampaignKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Business Analytics SocietyJoni Shreve225-578-9073
Business College Council (BCC)Wendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
Business Education ComplexKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Business Education Complex Building CoordinatorKari L. Walters225-578-3483
Business Education Complex EventsDanielle H. Basilica225-578-8783
Business Networking Reception (Career Reception)Ashley R. Junek225-578-3211
Business Residential College RectorJanice Holmes225-578-4977
Center for Internal AuditingGlenn E. Sumners225-578-6210
Commencement (Diploma Ceremony)Ashley R. Junek225-578-3211
ComputersLarry Smith225-578-9086
Dean's Advisory Council (DAC)Wendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
Dean's Executive CoordinatorAngela R. Guidry225-578-2848
Delta Sigma Pi (DSP)Andrew Kuo225-578-7687
Department of AccountingJulie M. Van Scotter225-578-6228
Department of EconomicsJudy S. Collins225-578-3777
Department of FinanceJoanna R. Canezaro225-578-6291
Department of ISDSMary Margaret Prescott225-578-2577
Department of Management (Rucks)Katie Bailey225-578-6104
Department of MarketingKaren S. Watson225-578-8777
DevelopmentKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Digital MeasuresKari L. Walters225-578-3483
Diploma CeremonyAshley R. Junek225-578-3211
Directions to the BECAngela R. Guidry225-578-2848
Diversity & InclusionAngela Guidry225-578-2512
Division of Economic DevelopmentDek Terrell225-578-2848
DonationsKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
DSPAndrew Kuo225-578-7687
Economics DepartmentJudy S. Collins225-578-3777
Economics MS AdvisorW. Douglas McMillin225-578-3798
Economics PhD AdvisorW. Douglas McMillin225-578-3798
Economics Undergraduate AdvisorRichard G. Stahl225-578-3793
Economics/ITF ClubFaik Koray225-578-3801
Electronic E-NewslettersJosh Duplechairn225-578-7833
EndowmentsKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Events in the Business Education ComplexDanielle H. Basilica225-578-8783
Executive EducationRobin D Kistler225-578-1190
External RelationsWendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
Finance DepartmentJoanna R. Canezaro225-578-6291
Finance Honors AdvisorV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Finance MS AdvisorV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Finance PhD AdvisorRajesh P. Narayanan225-578-6236
Finance Undergraduate AdvisorV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Flores MBA Alumni AssociationDana C. Hart225-578-8867
Flores MBA Career ServicesSeth M. Thibodeaux225-578-4069
Flores MBA Distinguished Speaker SeriesDana C Hart225-578-8867
Flores MBA InternshipsSeth M Thibodeaux225-578-4069
Flores MBA PlacementSeth M Thibodeaux225-578-4069
Flores MBA ProgramDana C Hart225-578-8867
General Business MajorMichael Banks225-578-6151
General Business Undergraduate AdvisorMichael Banks225-578-6151
General Undergraduate Program QuestionsAshley R. Junek225-578-3211
GivingKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Graduate Masters Programs: AccountingJacquelyn Sue Moffitt225-578-6219
Graduate Masters Programs: EconomicsW. Douglas McMillin225-578-3798
Graduate Masters Programs: FinanceV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Graduate Masters Programs: ISDSJoni Shreve225-578-9073
Help Desk (Computers and Technology)Larry Smith225-578-1190
Highway Safety Research GroupHelmut Schneider225-578-2516
Honors Advisor: FinanceV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Honors Advisor: ISDS --
Honors Advisor: ManagementDaniel B. Marin225-578-6189
Honors Advisor: MarketingDan Rice225-578-8793
Information Systems & Decision Sciences DepartmentMary Margaret Prescott225-578-2577
Information Technology GroupLarry Smith225-578-9086
Internal AuditGlenn E. Sumners225-578-6210
International Trade & FinanceRichard G. Stahl225-578-3793
Interns: AccountingJulie C. Chenier225-578-9056
Interns: EconomicsDek Terrell225-578-3780
Interns: FinanceCarlos Slawson225-578-6291
Interns: Internal AuditGlenn E. Sumners225-578-6210
Interns: ISDSCarolyn B. Borne225-578-2505
Interns: ManagementKerry Shaun Sauley225-578-6110
Interns: MarketingAlvin Clarence Burns225-578-8786
Interns: MBASeth Thibodeaux225-578-4069
Interns: Public AdministrationJames A. Richardson225-578-6745
Interns: Stephenson Entrepreneurship InstituteMichelle T. Boullion225-578-0089
ISDS DepartmentMary Margaret Prescott225-578-2577
ISDS Honors AdvisorLaurene Hutchinson225-578-2508
ISDS MS AdvisorJoni Shreve225-578-9073
ISDS PhD AdvisorRudolf A. Hirschheim225-578-2514
ISDS Undergraduate AdvisorLaurene L. Hutchinson225-578-2508
Journal of Forensic AccountingD. Larry Crumbley225-578-6231
Learning ObjectivesRichard D. White225-578-2848
LSU Career Services Business Networking ReceptionAshley R. Junek225-578-3211
LSU Student IncubatorCharles D'Agostino225-578-7555
Management DepartmentKatie Bailey225-578-6104
Management Honors AdvisorDaniel B. Marin225-578-6189
Management PhD AdvisorJean B. McGuire225-578-5187
Management Undergraduate AdvisorDaniel B. Marin225-578-6189
Marketing DepartmentKaren S. Watson225-578-8777
Marketing Honors AdvisorDan Rice225-578-8793
Marketing PhD AdvisorJudith Folse225-578-6539
Marketing Undergraduate AdvisorAlvin Clarence Burns225-578-8786
Masters of AccountingJacquelyn Sue Moffitt225-578-6219
Masters of EconomicsW. Douglas McMillin225-578-3798
Masters of FinanceV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Masters of ISDSJoni Shreve225-578-9073
MBA [Student] AssociationDana C Hart225-578-8867
MBA Alumni AssociationDana C. Hart225-578-8867
MBA Distinguished Speaker SeriesDana C Hart225-578-8867
MBA InternshipsSeth M Thibodeaux225-578-4069
MBA PlacementSeth M Thibodeaux225-578-4069
MBA ProgramDana C Hart225-578-8867
Media RelationsJosh Duplechain225-578-7833
MPA ProgramJared Llorens225-578-6745
MS AccountingJacquelyn Sue Moffitt225-578-6219
MS EconomicsW. Douglas McMillin225-578-3798
MS FinanceV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
MS ISDS (MSA)Joni Shreve225-578-9073
NABADana Hollie225-578-6222
National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)Dana Hollie225-578-6222
Network ManagerLarry Smith225-578-9086
Networking Reception (Career Reception)Ashley R. Junek225-578-3211
NewslettersJosh Duplechain225-578-7833
Office of AdvancementKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Office of the DeanRichard D. White225-578-2848
Omicron Delta EpsilonR. Carter Hill225-578-1490
PAISA (MPA Student Organization)James A. Richardson225-578-6745
Parking at the BECAngela Guidry225-578-2848
PBL (Phi Beta Lambda)Kerry Shaun Sauley225-578-6157
PhD Programs: EconomicsW. Douglas McMillin225-578-3798
PhD Programs: FinanceRajesh P. Narayanan225-578-6236
PhD Programs: Information Systems & Decision SciencesRudolf A. Hirschheim225-578-2514
PhD Programs: ManagementJean B. McGuire225-578-5187
Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)Kerry Shaun Sauley225-578-6157
Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE)Alvin Clarence Burns225-578-8786
Placement: Flores MBASeth Thibodeaux225-578-4069
Planned GivingKaren A. Deville225-578-6407
Press ReleasesJosh Duplechain225-578-7833
Promotional ItemsDanielle H. Basilica225-578-8783
PSE (Pi Sigma Epsilon)Alvin Clarence Burns225-578-8786
Public AdministrationJared Llorens225-578-6745
Public Administration Institute Student Association (PAISA)James A. Richardson225-578-6745
Public RelationsWendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
Publications and BrochuresSteve Radclliffe225-578-7561
Real Estate Research InstituteR. Kelley Pace225-578-6256
Rental of the Business Education Complex Event SpaceDanielle H. Basilica225-578-8783
Rentall of a Business Education Complex ClassroomKari L. Walters225-578-3483
Rucks Department of ManagementKatie Bailey225-578-6104
Rucks Management Honors AdvisorDaniel B. Marin225-578-6189
Rucks Management PhD AdvisorJean B. McGuire225-578-5187
Rucks Management Undergraduate AdvisorDaniel B. Marin225-578-6189
ScholarshipsAshley R. Junek225-578-3211
Securities Markets Analysis Research and Trading LabLetitia T. O'Connor225-578-0070
SFA (Student Finance Association)V. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)Suzette Caleo225-578-6145
Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE)Timothy D. Chandler225-578-6113
SMART LabLetitia T. O'Connor225-578-0070
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)Suzette Caleo225-578-6145
Stephenson Entrepreneurship InstituteRobin D Kistler225-578-1190
Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute - Entrepreneurship FellowsThomas Greckhamer225-578-6156
Student Finance Association (SFA)V. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Student IncubatorCharles D'Agostino225-578-7555
Student Real Estate Association (SREA)Brian Andrews225-578-6291
Student Services (Undergraduate Program)Ashley R. Junek225-578-3211
Undergraduate AdmissionsAshley R. Junek225-578-3211
Undergraduate Advisor: AccountingLaura D. Wiley225-578-6227
Undergraduate Advisor: EconomicsRichard G. Stahl225-578-3793
Undergraduate Advisor: FinanceV. Carlos Slawson225-578-6291
Undergraduate Advisor: General BusinessMichael Banks225-578-6151
Undergraduate Advisor: ISDS DepartmentLaurene L. Hutchinson225-578-2508
Undergraduate Advisor: MarketingAlvin Clarence Burns225-578-8786
Undergraduate Advisor: Rucks Management DepartmentDaniel B. Marin225-578-6189
Undergraduate ProgramAshley R. Junek225-578-3211
Visiting Business Executive ProgramAngela R. Guidry225-578-2848
WebsiteWendy Osborn Marx225-578-8865
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